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New Coastal Highway in Belize

Sep 17, 2023

After much anticipation the Belize Coastal Highway, the new main road from North to South, is finally complete! This makes the option of driving from the international airport to Placencia significantly faster than before. With this new two hour & fifteen-minute drive option, your vacation begins the minute you clear customs!

a look at the paving of the Coastal Highway

The Coastal Highway is a game-changer for international travelers visiting the southern coast of the country, effortlessly linking the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport to the breathtaking coastal gem, Placencia at a fraction of the cost of flying! We are excited to offer our guests the option of a private shuttle van for their in-country transport to their Gecko Property.

Reduced Travel Cost: When you select to travel the final leg of your journey by van on the Coastal Highway your group can save up to 60% when compared to the cost of domestic airfare from the international airport to Placencia. Prices vary on group sizes and decrease inversely corresponding to the number of guests traveling in each van. Consider that after going through Belizean security, waiting in the domestic terminal, boarding and deboarding the plane, and baggage claim the option to fly takes about the same time as driving. It’s a hard deal to pass!

Faster Drive Time: With the completion of the new highway your drive time is significantly faster, reaching your Gecko property in no time! Following your international flight’s arrival, you will be immediately directed to a high-end, air-conditioned private van and making your way to your Placencia vacation rental property.

Unmatched Scenic Drive: Prepare to be awestruck as you traverse through Belize’s mesmerizing landscapes. Locally known as “The Manatee Highway”, the Coastal Highway treats you to panoramic views of lush rainforests, majestic mountains, and charming coastal towns.

Authentic Cultural Encounters: Along the way, immerse yourself in the rich Belizean culture. Stop by local villages, or visit en route destinations like Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce Factory and Ya’axkin Butterfly Farm. If you’re feeling adventurous maybe even stop for a dip in a waterfall, only a short hike from the highway!

Worry-Free: Worry no more about missing your domestic flight connections, delayed departure flights or unexpected stops! Your private shuttle van will transport you directly to your Gecko property and back to the airport without hassle. With Gecko Vacations and the Coastal Highway your vacation begins the minute you leave the airport!

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